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Welcome to Global Regency

Global Regency is a reliable and trustworthy partner that helps retailers, wholesalers and distributors stay competitive when dealing with China.

Through a single contact point, we provide your organization access to competitive, high-quality, China-manufactured goods straight from the assembly line to your door. We provide high-quality, efficient services and a platform that enables our business partners to deal direct with the source.

Global Regency is an established and stable foreign enterprise, residing and operating in China and Hong Kong. Our focus is on global sourcing and quality control. We service international markets and reputable brands.



Global Regency was founded in 1998 as a sourcing and quality control office in Asia for a large electronics retail chain store.

Over the years, the company has expanded and become the sourcing and quality control partner of many international companies around the world and expanded into many product categories such as toys, furniture, building supplies, sports goods, alcohol, spare parts for various industries and general consumer goods.

The directors and management team have over 90 years combined experience in importing, exporting, wholesale distribution and retail.


Global Regency has offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Luohu District and covers all of China



International brands use our services to develop their product range and manage their sales channels.

Sourcing & Merchandising Services

Sourcing and Trade-leads

Product Range Development and Brand Positioning Advice

Sourcing Project Management

Price Negotiation and Benchmarking

Vendor Sourcing and Benchmarking

Online Order Management and Reporting

Packaging Design and Copy-writing

Shipping and Logistics

Quality Control Services

Commercial & Legal Services

Design & Engineering


Supplier Management

Testing & Compliance


Training & Consulting


How We Do It

Our sourcing and merchandising team find reliable and certified suppliers. We build lasting relationships with factories through face-to-face meetings and in many cases we have an ongoing business relationship with them. We have a good reputation and are well known in many of the sectors we deal in. Our managers, together with the logistics department, follow up all the order milestones from the inquiry stage to the shipping stage.

Skilled and professional designers do artwork and packaging. The QC and engineering team are responsible for regulatory compliance, factory auditing, product evaluation, process control and final outgoing inspection. We employ our own QA managers, engineers and inspectors.

As a registered Chinese company, we can enter into legally binding agreements with vendors. We have professional management that bring all the operations and services together using custom-designed web-based information management systems and GTD (Getting-Things-Done) methodology, striving for a smooth experience for our customers.

Why China

SOURCING FROM CHINA ENSURES YOUR BUSINESS STAYS COMPETITIVE – IF DONE CORRECTLY China has become the world base of manufacturing due to efficient labour costs and efficient infrastructure. The benefits of importing products from China can only be realised if you are aware of all the multiple dimensions of risk associated in dealing with the Chinese manufacturers. With our years of experience and in-depth knowledge we are confident we can help you.

Why Global Regency

Global Regency and the management team have got extensive experience in dealing with China. We are well versed and experienced doing business in China and have operated in retail, wholesale and distribution – so we understand your needs.

GLOBAL REGENCY CAN EFFECTIVELY BRIDGE THE GAP OF THE LOCAL LANDSCAPE AND THE INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMMUNITY Manufacturers in China are still far behind the expectations of many foreign companies in terms of communication, interpretation of expectations, deliverables, understanding of quality control and internationally accepted standards. Since we regularly buy large quantities of goods, we are in a strong position to negotiate & work seamlessly with factories to ensure you receive quality products, on time. We offer you the benefit of price, on-time delivery, reliability and first class quality control.

With Our Most Advanced Online production Management System

We have invested a lot of time and money in developing modern production management systems tailored to our clients needs. Providing real time information on your orders. never be in the dark again about your orders and shipments.

Our system also ensures we maintain compliance across all products and markets and deliver quality products each and everytime.